TAM MRO named as 18th member of Airbus MRO Network for global jetliner maintenance, repair, and overhaul

SÃO PAULO, Brazil, 8 April 2012. TAM MRO, the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) segment of TAM Airlines in São Paulo, Brazil, is joining the Airbus MRO Network in Toulouse, France, which provides commercial aircraft maintenance services from MRO providers throughout the world with Airbus aircraft experience. TAM Airlines is Latin America's largest airline.

TAM MRO becomes the 18th member of the Airbus MRO Network, which Airbus established seven years ago. TAM MRO provides services for the A320 and A330/A340 Airbus passenger jetliner families throughout South America. The Airbus MRO Network establishes performance benchmarks for aircraft maintenance and efficiency.

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The Airbus MRO Network provides maintenance services for all Airbus aircraft families, from the Airbus A300/A310 family to the Airbus A380, through extended cooperation with experienced MRO providers.

The Airbus MRO Network consists of:

-- TAM MRO in São Paulo, Brazil
-- Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies LLC; at Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates
-- Mexicana MRO Services;
in Mexico City
-- Aeroman; in San Salvador, El Salvador
-- Sabena Technics; in Dinard, France
-- Air France Industries; in Paris
-- SIA Engineering Co.; in Singapore
-- Air New Zealand Engineering Services; in Auckland, New Zealand
-- Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aerospace); in Singapore
-- Aveos Fleet Performance Inc.; in Saint-Laurent, Quebec
-- SR Technics in Zurich, Switzerland
-- Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co.,Ltd. (GAMECO); in Guangzhou, China
-- TAP Maintenance & Engineering; in Lisbon, Portugal
-- Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. (HAECO); in Hong Kong
-- TIMCO Aviation Services; in Greensboro, N.C.
-- Iberia Maintenance; in Madrid, Spain
-- Turkish Technic; in Istanbul, Turkey
-- Lufthansa Technik;and AG in Hamburg, Germany.

For more information contact Airbus online at www.airbus.com, or TAM MRO at www.tammro.com.

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