Flight Display Systems debuts high-definition aircraft video technology

In-flight entertainment with Flight Display Systems video technology
In-flight entertainment with Flight Display Systems video technology

ALPHARETTA, Ga., 21 Aug. 2012. Flight Display Systems has introduced Fly HD, a high-definition (HD) system designed to provide aircraft owners with a simple, cost-effective way to upgrade aircraft video systems to full 1080p video quality.

“There’s a high-definition transformation happening in the video world and many aircraft cabin avionics are quickly becoming outdated,” admits a company spokesperson.

Flight Display Systems engineers set out to build high-quality components that are easy to install; they engineered the components to use HD-SDI signals on the common coaxial cable that is already installed on many aircraft. It reduces the number of converters required and limits the amount of rewiring necessary, lending to a lower total cost for a full 1080p HD video system.

HD-SDI cabling is a thin coaxial cable with BNC connectors. Flight Display Systems provides several HD-SDI crossover switches, enabling multiple sources to be transmitted to multiple monitors.

The Fly HD components fall into three categories: High-Definition Widescreen Monitors, HD-SDI Backbone Switches and Converters, and High-Definition Source Equipment.

Fly HD monitors from Flight Display Systems are available for a variety of functions, sized from 7 inches to 55 inches in widescreen format. The smaller 7-inch and 10-inch models can be attached to arm mounts for each passenger access at the seat. Larger aircraft cabin displays are typically used on bulkheads and in custom-built consoles.

“We’ve been working towards creating an end-to-end, high-definition system like this for years,” says David Gray, president of Flight Display Systems. “Now we have cracked the code to perfect aircraft HD video that delivers true VIP experience for in-flight entertainment and other video.”

An extensive photo gallery is available at http://www.FlightDisplay.com/photos/

A new video that explains Fly HD is available at http://www.FlyHD.com/

Flight Display Systems serves three main market segments: In-flight Entertainment Equipment, Cabin Management Systems, and Military and Special Mission products.

In-flight entertainment with Flight Display Systems video technology
In-flight entertainment with Flight Display Systems video technology

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