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Avionics Intelligence's Resource Library delivers downloadable technical and market information for the avionics industry. Here you’ll find our latest White Papers by leading industry innovators and Executive Briefings - concise ebook collections of recent articles compiled by Executive Editor Courtney Howard to provide a timely, insightful summary of, and deep dive into, a specific topic.

White Papers

White papers are downloadable (PDF) high-level summaries of key avionics, aircraft & aviation industry topics. All our white papers are crafted by companies who are leading innovators in the industry.

Our white papers give readers insight into an ongoing industry topic. The downloadable format makes them perfect not only for desktop reading and printing, but also for taking on the go – ground or air – on a laptop, iPad or tablet, or a Kindle or other eBook devices.

Avionics Intelligence White Papers

Autonomous Transmission of Analog Sensor Data on an ARINC 429 bus without an MCU

March 20, 2014 In today’s complex aircraft systems, gathering data is critical and sensors are everywhere. Typically, a sensor measures an analog value that is converted to a binary value using an analog to digital converter (ADC). This value is read by a microcontroller, buffered and transmitted over a data bus such as ARINC 429. The microcontroller periodically executes this function at regular intervals, which requires software programming and multiple components. The white paper demonstrates how this fu...
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What's in the Box? A platform independent, flexible solution for avionics test and simulation

March 4, 2014 Open, flexible and modular system architectures for test, simulation, maintenance and other applications provide many advantages over traditional systems.  This paper presents a novel approach to solving avionics test problems by combining an avionics interface with a processor running an embedded Linux kernel.  This allows the user to write their own custom applications, use AIM's PBA.pro software an/ord write Python scripts to fully customize the function performed and commun...
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Constructing an ARINC 429 Repeater

February 20, 2014 Contrary to what one may assume, a repeater is more than simply connecting the output of an ARINC 429 line receiver to the input of a line driver.  Such simple solutions usually result in transmitted waveforms that violate ARINC 429 timing requirements.  A common working solution stores the receiver digital output in RAM or ARINC 429 protocol device, then reconstructs the digital ARINC 429 word in a microcontroller or FPGA for retransmission using a line driver. This solution requir...
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StarVX - A generic scalable computer architecture

January 29, 2014

StarVX - A modern scalable computer architecture. The platform that allows military system developers the speed and cutting-edge technologies to compete successfully and win designs.


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High Performance Testing & Simulation of ARINC818

July 31, 2013 The ARINC818 Specification defines a digital video link that is used for the transmission of uncompressed video data. This specification enables Avionics Display manufacturers to choose the video format that best suits their application, and defines standardized methods of transmitting and receiving that information. The first part of this paper gives a brief background on the specification, describes how an image is encoded into a video container and then decoded at the receivi...
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Data Cabling for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Aircraft

June 24, 2013 As more advanced avionics, CMS and IFE systems make their way into aircraft, the amount of 10 gigabit cable deployed to support current and future systems is increasing. Unfortunately, the pathway space remains the same. Aerospace Engineers therefore need cables that meet highly reliable 10 gigabit signal transmission performance, while also taking up less space, lowering the total cable weight and providing installable performance irrespective of the tight pathways of an aircraft. Thermax’s ...
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Weight Reduction and Space Savings in Wire and Cable Design and Their Contribution to Aerospace Design and Operational Efficiency

June 24, 2013 Like every other military and aerospace component, wire and cable is under increased scrutiny as engineers look for weight and space savings in their designs. This is particularly true given the increasing amounts of data and coaxial cable needed to support advanced electronic systems. This white paper discusses how material and design innovations are resulting in smaller, lighter-weight cables that meet exacting military and aerospace standards for electrical, mechanical and environmental pe...
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Executive Briefings

Executive Briefings are downloadable (PDF) high-level summaries of key industry topics by Avionics Intelligence editors accompanied by a package of hand-selected recent, must-read articles on the topic from the pages of the Avionics Intelligence website.

The Executive Briefing gives readers a direct line to Executive Editor Courtney Howard's insight into an ongoing industry topic. The downloadable format makes them perfect not only for desktop reading and printing, but also for taking on the go – ground or air – on a laptop, iPad or tablet, or a Kindle or other eBook devices.

Avionics Intelligence Executive Briefings

HPEC technology for radar, sonar, autonomous aircraft, and 3D data-reconstruction applications

January 31, 2014 Myriad sensors and electro-optical systems are capturing an ever-increasing amount of data, including full-motion video and high-quality imagery, in a wide variety of military and civil applications, ranging from homeland security and la...
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Avionics Intelligence Digital Edition

Avionics Intelligence Digital Edition

November 20, 2013

Download the Avionics Intelligence digital edition with exclusive articles on current and future avionics opportunities, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), helicopters, electronic flight bags, embedded computing, and more.

Modern helicopter avionics enhance safety and situational awareness

September 18, 2013 Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) and inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) continue to be costly for the rotorcraft community. The effects of helicopter accidents are far-reaching and long-lasting. Avionics technolo...
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Avionics Intelligence—Winter 2013

Avionics Intelligence—Winter 2013

February 15, 2013

Download the Avionics Intelligence Winter 2013 edition with exclusive articles on current and future avionics opportunities, in-flight entertainment and wi-fi access, simulation and training, and more.

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