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  1. Roll-up ATM on demand: Sierra Nevada begins deliveries of Army's vehicle-mount mobile air traffic control towers

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    Wed, 20 Mar 2013

    Keller SPARKS, Nev., 20 March 2013. Air traffic control ( ATC ) systems designers at Sierra Nevada Corp. in Sparks, Nev., have begun deliveries of a rapidly deployable air traffic control ( ATC ) system with secure and non-secure radio communications and support

  2. New ATC system command center operational

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    Tue, 12 Apr 2011

    WASHINGTON, 12 April 2011. Officials at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) opened a new air traffic control (ATC) command center in Warrenton, Va., -- the David J. Hurley Air Traffic Control System Command Center.

  1. Remote air traffic control technology developed by Saab and LFV

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    Sat, 18 Dec 2010

    a remote air traffic control ( ATC ) system at Sundsvall and Ornskoldsvik airports ..... Remote ATC and safety Remote ATC systems improve safety in a number of ways ..... marked on the screens in the remote ATC system , ensuring that the controller

  2. Progress toward enabling manned and unmanned aircraft to share common airspace slow but encouraging

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    Wed, 21 Mar 2012

    Posted by John Keller MUNICH, Germany, 21 March 2012. Transforming the world's air traffic control ( ATC ) systems to accommodate commercial and military aircraft, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is proceeding, but is proving to

  3. Industry, FAA, and homeland security officials test GA-ASI and BAE Systems avionics on RPA, demonstrate safe integration of drones in national airspace

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    Fri, 26 Oct 2012

    system that is the cornerstone of the FAA’s NextGen Air Traffic Management (ATM) system, which aims to convert America’s ATC system from a ground-based system to a satellite-based system, resulting in simplified air traffic logistics and enhanced aircraft

  4. FAA, Port of Portland, airlines, and locals design NextGen RNAV approach procedures at PDX

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    Thu, 13 Dec 2012

    create a modern, satellite-based air traffic control ( ATC ) system to help make the national airspace system (NAS) safer and ..... also increase the efficiency of the air traffic control ( ATC ) system , whereas aircraft using RNAV can fly more precise and predictable

  5. CNS systems provided by Northrop Grumman to Dubai's Al Maktoum International Airport

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    Thu, 23 Dec 2010

    with responsibility for planning, designing, delivering, and installing a structured cabling infrastructure to support all ATC systems that will be used in the control tower and associated technical buildings. The Al Maktoum International airport is the center

  6. Cairo's third ATC tower equipment supplied by Thales

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    Sat, 13 Nov 2010

    well as the passenger capacity of the airport, Thales officials say. Thales is now one of the country's main providers of ATC systems . With an installed base of six en-route Mode S radars and one approach radar at Cairo, the majority of Egyptian territory

  7. Raytheon to modernize nationwide air traffic management systems in Kyrgyz Republic

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    Wed, 5 Oct 2011

    contractor and system integrator on the contract, will deliver a wide area multilateration ( WAM )-based air traffic control ( ATC ) system , ATC radio systems, a new air traffic control tower ( ATCT ) at Manas International Airport, related ancillary equipment

  8. Upgrading aircraft avionics and air traffic management in tandem takes time and patience

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    Mon, 1 Jun 2009

    faster than government's ability to upgrade ATM avionics and ATC systems . "We are probably hitting the saturation level of the ATM ..... industry to agree on and implement changes in the ATM and ATC systems . "The devil is in the details here, but it isn't a technology