1. Mobile application to provide biofeedback for mental health released after studies on suicide rates released


    Mon, 4 Feb 2013

    Okay. This in the military and aerospace report I'm The Department of Defense has introduced a mobile application to monitor the mental health of service members after an alarming suicide rate was reported vote among veterans and active diesel. Application. Called by Amazon uses wireless sensors

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    The Department of Defense has introduced a mobile application to monitor the mental health of service members after an alarming suicide rate was reported vote among veterans and active -- diesel. Application. Called by Amazon uses
  2. DARPA envisions munitions that fall upwards through the ocean to targets on the surface


    Mon, 21 Jan 2013

    Okay. This is the military and aerospace of the current report Karen Keller. the whole notion of delivered weapons is pretty clear. Aircraft release bombs that downward toward their target. Now take that idea and flip it upside down yes I'm talking about weapons and payloads that follow up. Except

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    an -- optics must be able to withstand long term exposure to cold temperatures . Corrosive salt water. Underwater earthquakes extreme pressure and ocean -- They have to work when activated by underwater radio link from long
  1. DARPA testing of Legged Squad Support System begins


    Mon, 14 Jan 2013

    Okay. This is the military and aerospace electronics reports I'm Schuyler for. The average war fighter in the field who carries up to a hundred pounds of equipment will soon be getting help from their new four legged friend the legged squad support system for there. The LS theory a quarter had

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    a charge. And also lacked -- -- -- military power station for recharging batteries for radios and other devices. The goal of the robot is to reduce the fatigue physical strain and poor performance heavy loads can cause a war fighters to experience. With one robot capable of carrying -- -- not immediately needed on hand the technology -- -- The system developed by a team led by Boston dynamics. Is capable of traversing rugged terrain -- verbal commands. And navigating hazardous weather conditions such as -- or -- The LS three project began in September of 2009. And is based on the big dog robot
  2. The sky’s the limit in 2013


    Mon, 7 Jan 2013

    Yeah. Idiotic and our report hard. Thirteen and I think that opportunity. To wish you happy new year and they are being mean. artwork and even in the year. I didn't and analysts are ready for or. And predictions on thirteen but looks to be a busy year chocolate and the opportunities and innovation.

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    -- aviation community. And to be ignorant professional appetite for history and technology news from around the distribution of electronic newsletter. The -- -- we avionics until. In the news much or not -- media and
  3. Submarine technology in the news with mini-submarine contracts and communications projects


    Mon, 17 Dec 2012

    Okay. This to the military and aerospace electronics report. I'm John Taylor. After what seems to have been a quiet period. Submarine technology is back in the news this week new developments come amid an ominous backdrop of reports. That US anti submarine technology has eroded over the past decade

  4. Military & Aerospace Electronics Last Word Video Supplement


    Mon, 10 Dec 2012

    Okay. I'm telling frank and this the military and aerospace electronics last we're video supplement with me today is David Kelly CEO Lou and about So David what's driving the interest behind autonomous unmanned. Vehicles well over the last decade technologies' proven itself to be a cost effective

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    Lou and about -- So David what's driving the interest behind autonomous unmanned . Vehicles well -- over the last decade technologies' proven itself to be a cost effective efficient platform for -- he data collection. They've
    sea life. And where some of the challenges in designing -- -- unmanned vehicles . Well if you look you -- the vehicles are designed to work in the ocean which is a harsh and challenging environment. If you compare it to air or ground unmanned vehicles . Let a couple of different challenges one as you're working -- extreme pressures in a water environment. That requires us to use pressure housing. Special underwater connectors. And other techniques designed to work -- high pressure in any harsh environment. The other aspect of it. Is that the communications to the vehicle are extremely low man with an internment. So I'm like an air or ground vehicle where you can rely on a high speed reliable data link. In the unmanned vehicles sub -- That data link is very slow think of -- dial up modem and a circa 1980. It's also -- -- so therefore the amount of sophistication on the vehicle to deal with transient condition and expected conditions is higher than is typically found in other unmanned vehicles . Are there any trends autonomous unmanned vehicle technology. I think there are three identifiable trends in underwater -- -- vehicle technology. One
    of those organizations to support. Advancing -- changing the regulations. To enable unmanned vehicles to operate. So particularly critical -- the vehicles are on the surface because they're going to be operating in areas with other manned craft. Other -- vessels. This is an area that's of concern to the industry. Because if you look at what happened with unmanned air vehicles. And the FAA. -- regulations were passed -- severely restricted the use of unmanned vehicles . In the US air space. Are you can be quite a constraint on the growth -- the industry so the industry is actively working with the Coast Guard and these international bodies to address these issues. -- of all the capabilities of the vehicles. To comply with the rules and all the rules to comply with both manned and unmanned vehicles working in -- -- And I think it we work at it we can find a successful solution that will enable both
  5. Industry investment in Florida


    Mon, 3 Dec 2012

    This could be avionics until this report I'm Courtney hard. Current aviation and aerospace activity is taking place in the southeastern United States. it Asian aerospace and embedded technology conferences and exhibitions and Florida. Actually a Marriott Orlando Tampa. And went were purchased lord

  6. Department of Defense updates space policy, aims to reduce cost and defend systems


    Mon, 26 Nov 2012

    Okay. This of the military and aerospace electronics report I'm break. The US Department of Defense has updated its policy. Aiming at reducing cost and decrease in the risk of attack on space assets. Yet reflects on the current budget climate by aiming to keep system operational. And reduce costs

  7. Research initiatives pumping new life into phased-array radar


    Mon, 19 Nov 2012

    This is the military and aerospace electronic support and John I'm noticing some very interest defense work on fundamental improvements to a history It has the potential for big Pena in the size range and sensitivity. A future radar systems and even may to comfort surveillance sensors at previously

    air force found at 2:25, 2:58

    If that weren't enough. There's more radar technology in the news the air force this month revealed a program called phased array antenna for passive -- -- Which might lead to Covert passive radar surveillance capability
    find what you're looking for but everyone knows you're there. And the air force -- research -- Wright Patterson air force base in Ohio. Is asking industry to develop a revolutionary new wide -- dual polarized phased array antenna technologies. For this program which seeks to develop. Analog and digital being -- techniques that can provide as many as 64. Independent -- simultaneously. And that means the kind of reader technology the air force and Asians might at -- Prevents an adversary from pinpointing -- radar the radars transmitter. And passed out it might develop a
  8. With great appreciation


    Tue, 13 Nov 2012

    Pleasure being about my peers in the aerospace and defense in the past couple week. Attendance annual industry events that down due in part budgetary challenges. And in part to hurricane in. active but every hurricane certainly in our thoughts. And the our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the

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    military and -- helicopters have been integral to the emergency response and recovery effort and we thank you. We celebrated veterans day this past weekend and -- -- my appreciation to veterans past and present your hard work dedication. Courage and attack her back. This week be sure to the avionics -- an intelligence dot com. Or all of the attack on our Twitter to read all the latest news that travel -- -- great the last. Leading innovators in aviation. That's -- now think -- -- watching it on intelligence report. Yeah.